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72 Port of Newcastle Drive Newcastle


 L1B 1N2  



Contact:  +1 (905) 987 1881













Brigid Brigid



​I am a born Medium blending and working with Spirit and Energy. Growing up I started my path early collecting Mother Nature's gifts, Crystals from the age of 7 years.
I spent 8 years developing and understanding my Psychic and Medium abilities through the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science. Through personal studies and life experience I have come to understand and form my own Principles for Soul and Spirit Work. 

I believe that it is a part of my life's journey to share the Power of Energy and the intelligence of Spirit.
I wish to help others  to interpret and understand how Energy works with them. The unique ability to understand the language of Energy can be enhanced by working with the right tools and by unlocking your Soul's potential. 

​I look forward to helping you form your own "Soul Language" through Energy ... 


​I am a Mother, a Wife and a "Wild Woman", I have based my life journey on connecting with the Soul and its purpose to ensuring we   connect ourselves to this our Earth life and learn to love and honour ourselves in this lifetime while attuning with the World of Spirit. I have been blessed to have tread on many different lands, from a child in Africa, to the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and most recently Canada. My practise incorporates teachings learned from Wise Women in each of these cultures.

​If you seek to follow the Old Ways, through Sacred Circles and kindred souls I look forward to working with you.


"There is hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet."



Just had a wonderful mediumship reading with Brigid. She provided excellent messages and evidence from loved ones in spirit. She was very generous with her time.⭐ (JW)



Brigid is an authentic and highly skilled Medium who can describe Spirit in detail whilst speaking to them in real time. However she also has an amazing ability to help her students to see and describe spirit themselves by linking in with them and validating what the student Medium is seeing. IMO this is the key to assisting her students to increase their confidence in bringing forth loved ones from the Spirit world. Brigid is the best Mediumship teacher I’ve worked with in 40 years of studying Spiritualism. ????????(JB)


I have been taking weekly classes with Brigid for a while now and decided to take one of her full day workshops, which she held yesterday. She came highly recommended by some friends and they were not wrong. What I have learned and achieved in my spiritual and mediumship development has far surpassed anything I have done before. And I might add, in a shorter time. Brigid is a phenomenal, gifted, teacher. She guides you every step of the way. I would highly suggest you check out one of her weekly classes. You will not be sorry. (MdM)


Brigid is superhonest in what she says and does and knows the answer you’re seeking. ????

In my mini card reading, she replied in a way like she knew what I needed. Brigid is really passionate in what she does and works from her soul and Spirit. ????

Brigid is friendly, calm and directs you into the way in your life you want to be leaded. You’re an angel Brigid✨(DR)


As usual Brigid is spot on!!! And just when I need it! What a timing! 
Thank you so much for your light in our lives my beautiful Soulsister! ❤️????⭐️????(CvO)


Fabulous teaching - so knowledgeable and lovely ????(SM)